Chloe’s Senior Portraits

What a great time we had photographing Chloe. We started in the studio and then finished up in Old Town Lewisville. Chloe loves coffee and she wanted some done at her favorite coffee house. We also photographed her sweet dog Rocky!! 

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Class of 2018 – Call for Models

Attention! If you’re a Class Of 2018 Senior
or know anyone who is, we have some exciting news!
We’re looking for Class Of 2018 High School Seniors
who would love to be models for us –

Each “Senior Model” selected receives a $500 “Model Elite Portfolio Session”, a “summer style” session and an exclusive “Model” webpage on our website featuring their images AND a Model Referral card. Every model can receive OVER $750 in cash and bonuses! There is NO CHARGE to become one of our Senior Models!

Please CLICK HERE and fill out the attached application to RSVP for one of our Senior Model meetings where we’ll go through every step of the Senior Model Experience!

Don’t wait!
We’ll be selecting a limited number of models for each school.
We would love to create the best portraits you’ve ever had taken!


Fill out my online form.

Use Wufoo templates to make your own HTML forms.


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LifeTime Cycle Instructors

Meet the LifeTime Flower Mound Cycle Instructors. They need updated  photos for the new advertising campaign. They have a very large spin cycle room with about 50 new bikes. It’s upbeat with music, lighting and just plain fun. I wish I was a member there just to take these classes. What a fun shoot!! 


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Congratulations Emily & Josh


Emily and Josh are married!! What a fun wedding and I’m so glad to have been a part of it. It was such a fun night and everyone danced all night long. May you both enjoy many years of love and happiness. I wish you the best and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.


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Nancy and Chuck are married

What a beautiful wedding with perfect Texas weather. Congratulations to Nancy and Chuck. Wishing you many years of happiness together.Nancy and Chuck 2016-10-23_0002bw 2016-10-23_0003 2016-10-23_0004 2016-10-23_0006 2016-10-23_0007-copy 2016-10-23_0008 2016-10-23_0009 2016-10-23_0010 2016-10-23_0011 2016-10-23_00102016-10-23_0012 2016-10-23_0013 2016-10-23_0014 2016-10-23_0015 2016-10-23_0016 2016-10-23_0017be 2016-10-23_0018 2016-10-23_0019 2016-10-23_0020 2016-10-23_0021 2016-10-23_0022 2016-10-23_0023 2016-10-23_0024 2016-10-23_0025 2016-10-23_0026 2016-10-23_0027 2016-10-23_0028 2016-10-23_0029

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